Day 22:  Book stack

These are some of the books I’ve ordered this year


Day 21:  Longest book

This took me forever to read!

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The world needs more English Bulldog cuteness.

This doesn’t have anything to do with books but it is just too cute not to reblog

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Check out J Law’s pizza eating game: devouring her slice, but also eyeing everyone else to see if there’s the possibility of getting another piece. She has that pizza eating agenda. 

Well, she did have pop rocks at one point….

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Day 20:  Book recommendation

Thank you George Clooney, thank you.

Seriously, if you want to know how many masterpieces were saved during WWII then read this book. 

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Day 19:  Funniest character

Hazel and Gus


Day 18:  Favourite ending.

I was quite surprised that I actually liked the whole series.  The ending was really good.


Day 17:  Book set in province/city/town

I’m Canadian so there have been quite a few books that have been set within various locations other than my city (I don’t count the two that you can only find on goodreads).  We have plenty of creative talent here but honestly, nothing?  A local bookstore (no picture because I usually am driving by it) has more coffee table photo books, but still, I would like something published and set in my city.  Rant over.


Day 16:  Favourite fandom

This has changed in the last year, due to some issues that came up within certain fandoms.  I’m taking a break from actually being in the fandoms.  Makes my life so much easier than trying to catch up on ‘breaking’ news.